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The Memory exhibition includes interactive displays for all ages that demonstrate how and why humans remember, how memories change over time, and how and why some memories intensify while others are forgotten. With 38 exhibit elements, visitors learn how people remember what they hear, see, touch, and smell, and how different kinds of memories are stored and lost.

Getting lost was never this much fun! Navigation explores the diversity and ingenuity of people on the move. It captures the richness and variety of human navigation through 16 interactive exhibits, a walk-through maze, cultural and historical maps, and video footage of three non-western cultures’ wayfinding traditions.

Already able to remember everything?

One of those people who is never lost?

Well then maybe the Memory and Navigation exhibitions are not what you are looking for. In addition to those two themed exhibit sets we also offer rentals of our ExNET Exhibit Groups when not in active rotation. For more information on what is currently available, browse our ExNET Exhibit Groups and contact Adrienne Barnett at or (415) 528-4635 for more information.